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Sendflex’s final mile TMS platform optimizes your shipping capacity, lowering costs, and ensuring timely deliveries.


B2C Businesses Struggle with Limited Carrier Capacity, Higher Costs, and Delivery Challenges.

Gone are the days when you could rely on a single carrier to deliver all B2C orders. Explosive eCommerce growth is straining parcel carrier capacity at a time when customers want even faster, flexible (and free) delivery options. But adding more carrier services also adds a lot more complexity, especially if you still need to comply with your primary carrier contract commitments.


Sendflex Takes Shipping Systems to the Next Level

Simple rate shopping and label printing for a few carriers just isn’t enough anymore. You need to make smart transportation decision at all points in your fulfillment process, including order entry, picking, packing, and shipping. Sendflex’s final mile TMS platform helps you manage a more diversified carrier network, reducing shipping costs, and increasing efficiency, while helping you keep your delivery promises.

Best of all, Sendflex’ TMS optimization is completely configurable. Use simple dropdowns to specify a range of complex carrier routing, packing, consolidation and shipping instructions. And then change them whenever your business conditions change, without expensive software customizations with long project timelines.


How Sendflex Works for You

Diversified Carrier Network

With eCommerce still in its early growth stage, you need a more resilient carrier network to reduce the risk of delivery disruptions. Sendflex connects to a wide range of parcel, LTL, and final mile services to give you and your customers more delivery choices.

Carrier Service Matching

Adding carrier diversity means adding complexity. Sendflex matches shipping requirements with carrier capabilities, constraints, and preferences. We make it easy to configure and automate complex routing decisions in order entry, fulfillment, and shipping.

Consolidated Drop Shipping

Sendflex looks across orders for consolidated drop ship opportunities and applies instructions to automate middle and final mile shipment processing. We enable you to expand capacity and lower shipping costs by taking advantage of lower cost/lb. carriers.

Contract Compliant

Sendflex monitors the total number of shipments, weight, and cube by user-defined date ranges to ensure you comply with daily or yearly carrier contract minimums, and maximums. Sendflex's helps you avoid unexpected surcharges while achieving your primary carrier incentives.

Optimized Capacity

In addition to finding more carriers, Sendflex uses cartonization and palletization algorithms to help you make better use of your available capacity. The result? More orders shipped in less space, reduced waste, lower corrugated cost, and a much better customer sustainability experience.


Use Sendflex APIs and apps to add more intelligence to your existing shipping system software. Optimize decision-making processes in shopping carts, order entry, wave picking, packing, shipping, container loading, and returns.


Sendflex Makes Everyone a Winner

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Automate and enforce data-driven decision that will expand capacity, reduce shipping costs, and keep your delivery promises using a more diverse carrier network.



Help your shipper customers make better packing decisions to cube out your vehicles, meet their contractual commitments, and improve your margins.

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Help your clients navigate eCommerce delivery challenges by automating intelligent decisions. And then quickly adapt to changes in an ever-changing B2C environment.

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Freight Auditors

Help shippers proactively comply with carrier contracts while avoiding unnecessary surcharges and accessorials.


System Vendors

Save valuable development time, speed up customer go-lives, and enhance your solutions.


Let Us Show You What Sendflex Can Do for You

If carrier management is getting too complex for you to handle, Sendflex can help, saving time and money while optimizing your customers' delivery experience.


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