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Manhattan’s Premier Partner for High Performance Parcel TMS.

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Working Together to Optimize Cube Utilization, Reduce Unexpected Dim Fees, and Improve Sustainability.

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Certified Business and Service Partner. Adding Parcel Orchestration to Transtream Shipping Processes.

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Together we harness automation and intelligent workflows to optimize processes, increase visibility and reduce manual errors.

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Showcase your services through our platform to show your dedication to helping your customers ship smarter. Or if you're planning to offer your customers a multi-carrier solution, we can help you:

  • Improve margins
  • Improve efficiency and reduce "dwell" time
  • Improve ability to cube out containers
  • Enforce contractual commitments
  • Improve shipper collaboration

TMS and Shipping System Vendors

Want to help your customers and prospects quickly add new carriers and intelligence to your solution without expending valuable development resources? We can help you:

  • Super-fast routing and rating (7,000/second)
  • Achieve faster "go-lives"
  • Diversify your carrier network offering
  • Reduce development resource constraints
  • Reduce customer attrition

Freight Auditors

Want to move beyond reconciling invoices and help your customers proactively enforce carrier contract compliance and reduce unexpected surcharges and accessorial fees? We can help you:

  • Expand recurring revenue streams
  • Improve your value proposition
  • Improve carrier relationships
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce customer attrition