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Need for Speed: When Carrier APIs Just Won’t Cut It

With the acceleration of B2C eCommerce parcel volumes and customers demanding more delivery options, shippers are diversifying their mix of carrier services and implementing omni-channel shipping strategies. Carrier diversification means hyper-fast carrier rating engines are essential for freight quoting, planning, and forecasting.



Sendflex Announces New Advisory Board Members

We are thrilled to announce that Henry Maier, Nick Costides, Lee Jennings, and Brian McDonald have joined the Sendflex board of advisors. We look forward to the huge contributions these industry veterans will make at Sendflex.



Are inefficient and inaccurate freight quotes negatively impacting your business?

As The Dude in the Big Lebowski observed about life, it’s “strikes and gutters, ups and downs.” The same goes for quoting freight. Too high estimates can result in lost customers. Too low estimates erode margins. AI tools can help you throw more freight quote strikes than gutters.



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The Five Parcel TMS Value Pillars

Shippers who are used to relying on a primary parcel carrier with unlimited capacity must now manage a broader portfolio of carriers, all with different capabilities, performance records, constraints, and rate structures —including gig-economy and other final-mile carriers. All these factors are making parcel shipping management more complex than ever.



7 Ways Final Mile TMS Optimization Expands Capacity and Saves Money

The past two years have seen unprecedented eCommerce shipping volumes. To help shippers navigate complex final-mile shipping challenges, parcel shipping systems must get a lot smarter in the process.



10 Brand-Enhancing Moves Retailers Can Make to Optimize Customers’ Delivery Experience

Learn the ten brand-enhancing moves you can make to optimize the quality and cost of your consumer delivery experience.



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Store and Retrieve Signature Proof of Delivery for 7 Years or More

Many shippers must adhere to various corporate governance audit controls and insurance regulations that require proof of deliveries of controlled substances or valuable products. These requirements can add an administrative compliance burden and costs to your organizations.

Watch the video to see how Sendflex can help with your regulatory SPOD compliance



The Five Parcel TMS Value Pillars

How new Parcel TMS platforms help you conquer complexity and control costs, capacity, carbon, and customer delivery experiences



Tips to Tackling the Next Parcel Shipping Frontier – the Direct-to-Consumer Delivery Experience

Shippers need to innovate a whole new generation of capabilities, shifting the focus from shipper automation to optimizing the quality of the direct-to-consumer delivery experience.



Case Studies

An Essential Oil Retailer needed a single platform with the ability to scale and support shipping processes from distribution centers and stores worldwide, as well as automate carrier selection based on complex rules. They chose Transtream which reduced labor and shipping costs, while optimizing their customers’ delivery experience.



A large 3PL Company needed a single platform with the flexibility to address the variety of shipping and return processes, carrier mixes, rates, and business rules required by their growing list of direct-to-consumer (D2C) customers. They chose Transtream which reduced labor and shipping costs, while optimizing their customers’ delivery experience.



A large, multi-national healthcare services company needed to modernize their returns shipping processes to reduce labor, improve inbound visibility, and make it easier for their medical service clients to automate returns. They looked at various shipping and returns solutions and soon realized Transtream was exactly what they needed.



With supply chains shifting from B2B to D2C, Banyan Technology needed to expand their TMS carrier portfolio to include parcel carriers, enabling their customers to manage smaller, more frequent shipments. They chose Transtream as a conduit to connect to hundreds of parcel carrier services.



Technical Documentation


Automate Transportation Processes, from Purchase to Payment

The Transtream platform can be deployed on-premise or accessed from our multi-tenant cloud environment.




A Combination of Convenience and Cost Accountability

The Transtream Office suite of apps make it convenient and easy for office, home-based, or remote employees to send packages and documents to recipients by any carrier. A carrier label or authorization form is just a click away.




Automate Shipping and Ensure On-time Delivery

Whether you process 5 or 500,000 shipments per day, Transtream Warehouse suite of apps can help you streamline shipping processes across your entire enterprise.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Isn't this just glorified rate shopping?

A: No. Rates are just one of many variables and constraints to consider when deciding which carrier service to use and when. These decisions require intelligence that frankly outstrips human decision-making ability.

Q: How hard is it to change business rules?

A: It's easy. While most legacy shipping systems require scripting language knowledge to make system modifications, a non-programmer can configure Sendflex instruction sets using simple dropdown menus.

Q: Do I have to use your shipping management system, or can I use the one I have?

A: We offer multi-carrier shipping capabilities, but any shipping system can use our APIs to apply instructions to their workflows.

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