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Parcel Simulators: Proving Intelligent Cartonization ROI

In the dynamic and complex world of supply chain logistics, staying one step ahead of the competition is a constant challenge, and logistics managers are under constant pressure to implement innovative fulfillment strategies. But trial and error can be very costly, disruptive, and potentially tarnish the brand's reputation. That’s why logistics managers are turning to more intelligent parcel technologies with simulation capabilities that allow operational ideas to be tested in virtual environments, significantly minimizing cost and disruption risks.



Sendflex & Paccurate Elevate B2C Shipping to a New Level: A Story of Innovation

The benefits of B2C models are undeniably attractive, but they come with a hefty burden for retailers. Fulfilling orders, managing shipping, and meeting delivery expectations are increasingly complex tasks. Common hurdles in B2C shipping include the intricacies of carrier network management, complex rating processes, suboptimal packing, and the struggle to provide real-time shipment status updates.



Wrapping Up 2023: Logistics Trends You Need to Know

The highly dynamic and rapidly evolving logistics industry has experienced a seismic shift in recent years. Accelerated by the global pandemic in 2020, the industry has been reshaped by rapid technological advancements, evolving customer expectations, and innovative business models. This article examines the high-level logistics trends industry professionals need to know about to navigate the changes, challenges, and opportunities in the months ahead.



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IT Has Sandboxes, But Where Do Logistics Professionals Play? The Case for Parcel TMS Simulators

Businesses are having to rethink and digitally transform their parcel management processes from point-of-sale store fronts, to order allocation, to fulfillment, to shipping. They need to determine the most cost-effective way of serving their loyal customers who now more closely associate their delivery experience with company brand.



The Five Parcel Optimization Value Pillars

Shippers who are used to relying on a primary parcel carrier with unlimited capacity must now manage a broader portfolio of carriers, all with different capabilities, performance records, constraints, and rate structures —including gig-economy and other parcel carriers. All these factors are making parcel shipping management more complex than ever.



7 Ways Parcel Optimization Expands Capacity and Saves Money

The past two years have seen unprecedented eCommerce shipping volumes. To help shippers navigate complex parcel shipping challenges, parcel shipping systems must get a lot smarter in the process.



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Achieve delivery excellence through the Final-Mile Maturity Model

Today’s shippers face high customer expectations in an increasingly complex and challenging shipping environment. Use the final-mile maturity model to scale shipping, survive through market uncertainties, and drive profitability in your fulfillment practices. Watch the webinar to learn more.



How Sendflex Parcel TMS helps shippers conquer complexity

Shippers struggle to manage carrier capacity uncertainties, higher costs, and delivery promises. Sendflex can help. We offer a final mile TMS platform that helps logistics managers: control costs, increase capacity, reduce carbon, and optimize customer delivery experiences



Store and retrieve signature Proof of Delivery for 7 years or more

Many shippers must adhere to various corporate governance audit controls and insurance regulations that require proof of deliveries of controlled substances or valuable products. These requirements can add an administrative compliance burden and costs to your organizations.

Watch the video to see how Sendflex can help with your regulatory SPOD compliance



Case Studies

As their B2C volumes grew, and their portfolio of carrier services expanded, Ennis realized that they needed to replace “tribal knowledge” with automated quoting, packing, and shipping decision-making and execution controls. They chose Sendflex, integrated with Paccurate’s cartonization engine, to optimize their quoting, packing, and shipping operations



An Essential Oil Retailer needed a single platform with the ability to scale and support shipping processes from distribution centers and stores worldwide, as well as automate carrier selection based on complex rules. They chose Transtream which reduced labor and shipping costs, while optimizing their customers’ delivery experience.



A large 3PL Company needed a single platform with the flexibility to address the variety of shipping and return processes, carrier mixes, rates, and business rules required by their growing list of direct-to-consumer (D2C) customers. They chose Transtream which reduced labor and shipping costs, while optimizing their customers’ delivery experience.



A large, multi-national healthcare services company needed to modernize their returns shipping processes to reduce labor, improve inbound visibility, and make it easier for their medical service clients to automate returns. They looked at various shipping and returns solutions and soon realized Transtream was exactly what they needed.



Technical Documentation


Enterprise Class Parcel Optimization Platform

Built on a cloud-native, micro-service architecture that is highly available, secure, and automatically scales to handle peak volumes.




Parcel Optimization Complexity Conquered

A new approach to managing parcel shipping that combines the intelligence of freight TMS with high-speed parcel processing.




Shipment API
Reference Guide

Learn how to access a highly-performant and highly-available Rest API for shipment planning and execution purposes.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Isn't this just glorified rate shopping?

A: No. Rates are just one of many variables and constraints to consider when deciding which carrier service to use and when. These decisions require intelligence that frankly outstrips human decision-making ability.

Q: How hard is it to change business rules?

A: It's easy. While most legacy shipping systems require scripting language knowledge to make system modifications, a non-programmer can configure Sendflex instruction sets using simple dropdown menus.

Q: Do I have to use your shipping management system, or can I use the one I have?

A: We offer multi-carrier shipping capabilities, but any shipping system can use our APIs to apply instructions to their workflows.

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