Complexity Conquered

Sendflex’s no-code Parcel Orchestration platform makes it easy for shippers to control costs, capacity, carbon, and their customers’ delivery experience.


Shippers Struggle to Manage Carrier Capacity Uncertainties, Higher Costs, and Delivery Promises

Gone are the days when you could rely on a single carrier to delivery all your B2C orders. eCommerce growth, driver shortages, and labor disputes present disruption risks at a time when customers want faster, flexible, and free delivery options. But diversifying your carrier network and omni-channel fulfillment also adds complexity, especially if you still need to comply with your primary carrier contract commitments. Sendflex helps you conquer complexity.


Sendflex Takes Legacy Shipping Systems to the Next Level

Simple weighing, rate shopping and label printing for a few carriers just isn’t enough anymore. Sendflex’s Parcel Orchestration platform enables you to diversify your carrier network and control how, where and when best carrier services are selected upstream from shipping. We help automate high-speed freight quoting, fulfillment planning, cartonization, and, of course, shipping and returns.

Best of all, Sendflex’s no-code wizards enable managers to configure and apply instructions against outbound orders to reduce cost and waste, while optimizing capacity and customer delivery experiences. Use Sendflex instructions to run “what if” simulations against historical shipping data. Analyze the impact of those simulations on KPIs. And then easily re-configure instructions to adapt your operations to changing business conditions. No more costly programming and long project timelines.


How Sendflex Works for You

Diversified Carrier Network

With eCommerce still in its early growth stage (16% of retail), parcel volumes are expected to double in the next two years. You need a more resilient carrier network to reduce the risk of delivery disruptions. Our no-code approach to carrier onboarding makes it easy to expand your delivery network.

Superfast Carrier Rating

When you are quoting freight in shopping carts, optimizing plans, or running simulation models, you don’t have time to “ping” carrier rating APIs. They are too unreliable and slow. Sendflex’s onboard, high-speed routing and rating optimization engine will apply instructions and accurately calculate rates at over 7,000 per second.

Optimized Carrier Selection

Sendflex enables you to configure instructions to control complex carrier service selection strategies based not only on carrier rates and contract terms, but also on transit time, shipment attributes (size, fragility, hazmat, order value, etc.), performance (on-time delivery, damage, etc.), DIM factors, customer preferences, and more.

Carrier Contract Compliance

Sendflex helps you avoid unexpected surcharges while achieving your primary carrier contract incentives. Monitor current spend against 52 week rolling average targets, number of shipments, weight, or cube by user-defined date ranges, then route to ensure you comply with carrier contract incentives.

Optimize Cube Utilization

In addition to expanding your carrier network and consolidating parcel into LTL loads, Sendflex uses cartonization and palletization algorithms to help you make better use of your available capacity. The result? More orders shipped in less space, reduced waste, lower corrugated cost, and a better customer sustainability experience.


Sendflex helps you implement greener transportation initiatives to improve your customers' sustainability experience. Configure instructions to maximize container cube utilization, consolidate loads, and minimize corrugated waste. Control greener carrier service selections to ensure sustainability targets are achieved.


Sendflex Makes Everyone a Winner

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Automate data-driven decisions to expand capacity, control shipping costs, and make and keep your delivery promises using a more diverse carrier network.

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Reduce cost of ownership and time to benefit with secure, cloud-native deployments. No-code configurations and connectors eliminate long IT project timelines and costs.

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No upfront license fees and minimal pro service costs. Only pay for what your organization needs to use with no hidden costs.


Marketing & Sales

Take the guesswork out of freight quoting. Instantly calculate rating and time in transit for more carrier options in shopping carts. Make and keep your customer delivery promises.



Help your carriers cube out their vehicles, consolidate loads, and tender shipments that align more profitably with their capabilities and constraints.

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Shipping System Vendors

Enhance your offering by minimizing complex, inflexible scripting, and long IT project timelines. Sendflex shifts control of business rules from IT to logistics managers.


The Five Parcel Orchestration
Value Pillars


Learn why controlling costs, capacity, carbon, and customer experiences matters in the B2C delivery economy

Shippers who are used to relying on a primary parcel carrier with unlimited capacity must now manage a broader portfolio of carriers, all with different capabilities, performance records, constraints, and rate structures.