Our Parcel Orchestration Solutions Support your End-to-End Order Fulfillment Processes

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Expanded Carrier Network

eCommerce customers today demand more and faster delivery options, and of course for free. Sendflex automates routing, rating, shipping, and tracking across a more diversified parcel, LTL, and final mile carrier service network. More choices will improve customer retention, capacity, and resilience.

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Best Carrier Selection

Adding more carrier services also means adding complexity. Sendflex simplifies carrier selection processes with configurable routing instructions, matching delivery requirements with delivery capabilities, constraints, and preferences. Monitor carrier contract compliance and reduce costs.

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Packing & Palletization

In a capacity crunch, vehicle space is precious. Sendflex determines the best and most transportation cost-effective way to pack and palletize orders, optimizing cube utilization and sustainability. Ship more orders in less space while avoiding unexpected DIM fees.

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Omnichannel Shipping

Sendflex apps and API automates routing, shipping, and tracking from an unlimited number of DCs, stores, or suppliers. Or use Sendlfex parcel TMS planning optimization capabilities to complement your existing shipping system with more intelligent decision-making.



One way to expand capacity while reducing shipping costs is to drop ship B2C orders into final-mile delivery networks. Sendflex automates that process by looking across orders for consolidation opportunities and then executing middle-mile and final-mile carrier dispatch processes.


Tracking, Alerts & PODs

Pitney Bowes research indicates consumers, on average, track orders eight times before delivery. Sendflex provides tracking updates and sends alerts. We also store proof of delivery signature images in our shipping database for convenient and easy access.

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Returns Automation

Consumers rank return policies as a primary reason for shopping cart abandonment. Sendflex generates parcel return labels or smart labels for convenient USPS drop offs. Monitor inbound returns and automate consolidation into less expensive freight modes.


Simulation & Forecasting

In the same way that Sendflex uses configurable instructions to create transportation plans, you can apply instructions to shipping history or forecast data to generate “what-if” analyses. Instantly gain insights into potential cost savings, cube utilization, and time in transit improvements.


The Five Parcel TMS
Value Pillars


Learn why controlling costs, capacity, carbon, and customer experiences matters in the B2C delivery economy

Shippers who are used to relying on a primary parcel carrier with unlimited capacity must now manage a broader portfolio of carriers, all with different capabilities, performance records, constraints, and rate structures.