Sendflex adds a layer of intelligence to parcel shipping execution

Sendflex Parcel TMS is the first parcel management technology to combine no-code optimization intelligence and high-speed execution. We make it easy for logistics managers to control and automate increasingly complex transportation decision-making in digital storefronts, order allocation, fulfillment, shipping, and returns. Optimize cost savings, cube utilization and customer delivery experiences.

six points of Sendflex


Configure no-code instructions to simplify complex decision-making throughout fulfillment process. Rank carriers based on: 

  • Carrier contract compliance: daily pickup limits, incentive targets, and cutoff times.
  • Carrier delivery area: city, state, zip codes, PO Box, military, or zone coverage.
  • Carrier performance: on-time delivery, damage, billing accuracy, or customer complaints.
  • Transit time: actual days, business days, or historical performance.
  • Shipment attribute: size, weight, cube, fragility, hazmat, biomedical, or value.
  • Cube utilization: DIM factor, cartonization or palletization algorithms.
  • Customer: carrier preference, routing guide, billing account, or rate markup.
  • And more…




Use Sendflex cartonization instructions to instantly determine the most transportation cost-effective way to pack orders based on carrier rates and dim factors, available carton sizes, SKU attributes, and configurable rules such as:

  • Fragility and % fill: reduce damage claims and the cost of returns by controlling dunnage requirements.
  • “Don’t pack with”: ensure that certain SKUs are not packed in the same container as other SKUs (ex: dangerous goods).
  • SKU orientation: control how SKUs are positioned within a carton.
  • Nesting, rolling, folding: determine how to make the best use of available space.
  • Palletization: Sendflex helps optimize how to load cartons on a pallet.



IT managers have “sandboxes” to test technology. Sendflex Parcel TMS provides logistics managers with a virtual environment to simulate how changes to fulfillment and shipping instructions would have impacted historical shipping costs and delivery performance based on: 

  • Carrier selection: “What if” I had used a different carrier during peak in these regions?
  • Pick up limits: “What if” my primary carrier had enforced a pickup limit?
  • Contract Incentive Tier: “What if” I used an alternate carrier, would I lose my incentive?
  • Cube utilization: “What if” I changed cartons sizes, % fill, or other carrier DIM factors?
  • Transit time: “What if” I had required 2 day delivery during the month of November?
  • Alternative ship origins: “What if” I had fulfilled orders from a DC in Sparks, Nevada?
  • Rate negotiation: “What if” proposed GRIs has been applied to last year’s shipments?



Simulate the impact of new fulfillment strategies. Then use Sendflex’s API or planning workbench app to operationalize those changes. With Sendflex Parcel TMS you can: 

  • Create plans by applying instructions to individual orders or batches of orders.
  • Compare and analyze plans based on shipping cost, time in transit, and other KPIs.
  • Change, rerun or delete plans until you are satisfied with results.
  • Process planned shipments and batch print labels and shipping documents.
  • Or release plans to another shipping system.



Use our API or apps to execute individual or batches of shipments based on optimized plans or simulations. With Sendflex Parcel TMS you can: 

  • Route: qualify carrier selections based on capabilities, constraints, and preferences.
  • Quote: calculate accurate shipping charges and transit times in order entry and storefronts.
  • Fulfill: determine most cost-effective and sustainable way to pack cartons or build pallets.
  • Ship: weigh, rate, and label shipments in warehouses, mail centers, and stores.
  • Track: real-time tracking of in-transit shipments, retrieve and store POD signatures.
  • Return: process returns based on reverse logistics instructions.



Easy Connectivity is the key to streamlining fulfillment processes at the speed of eCommerce. In keeping with our low-code approach to reduce time to benefit, Sendflex TMS includes a versatile Connect tool that is designed to simplify integrations with a wide variety of partner apps, data sources and carriers. 

  • Carriers: use Connect to integrate to carrier APIs and other shipping systems without costly development. 
  • IoT: our Connect client component integrates with scales, label printers and local data sources.
  • Web services: integrate with hazmat compliance, cartonization, location intelligence and other web service apps.
  • Data sources: pull orders and return results to marketplaces, enterprise platforms and digital storefronts.
Connect graphic_final-1


Instead of relying on static business rules, Sendflex applies optimization instructions and takes actions based on real time monitoring of fulfillment operations and tracking events.

  • Primary carrier incentives: only routes to diversified carrier services when incentive targets are satisfied.
  • Carrier pickup limits: automatically reroutes to other carrier services when carrier pick up limits are reached.
  • Carrier cutoffs: once carrier cutoff times are reached, Sendflex will reroute shipments to keep delivery promises.
  • Tracking alerts: Sendflex monitors tracking exceptions and alerts stakeholders of potential late deliveries.