Sendflex Parcel TMS Makes Complex Shipping Decisions Easy to Control.

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What is Parcel Optimization?

Freight TMS systems have always helped logistics managers control planning, simulations, mode shifting and load optimization across hundreds of carrier services. Whereas parcel shipping solutions have always just printed labels for a couple of carriers. Times have changed.

Sendflex Parcel TMS is a new kind of shipping technology that is designed to optimize decision-making in today’s dynamic eCommerce fulfillment environment. Sendflex combines the configurable intelligence of freight TMS with the high-speed performance of traditional parcel shipping systems. We help you adapt new ways to optimize shipping cost control, cube utilization, sustainability, and customer delivery experiences.

Sendflex Parcel TMS vs. Legacy Shipping Systems

Legacy shipping systems were designed to automate high speed weighing, rating, and label printing tasks in the last 100 feet of a conveyor, often for a single carrier, one order at a time. They were never designed to automate upstream decision-making in omni-channel fulfillment environments with a more diversified carrier network.

Sendflex Parcel TMS is built on a cloud-native, microservices platform that scales to orchestrate high-speed rating, cartonization, carrier selection, and execution in store fronts, order allocation, and fulfillment. An onboard optimization engine applies routing instructions calculates rates and transit times at 20,000 transactions per second to determine where, when and how to use carrier services cost-effectively for on-time delivery.

Sendflex vs legacy

Make your current shipping system smarter

Sendflex Parcel TMS platform can be used to complement your existing freight TMS and parcel shipping systems. Use Sendflex’s no-code instructions and API to add a layer of intelligence without incurring expensive programming costs or lengthy project timelines.