Smarter Shipping, Made Easy

Struggling with higher B2C shipping costs? Limited carrier capacity?
Customer demands for free and faster delivery?
Limited by shipping system capabilities?

Well, we have a solution.


Sendflex: the first parcel TMS platform that makes it easy for you to optimize planning, fulfillment, and shipping.

  • Diversify your carrier network
  • Reduce shipping costs, surcharges, and unexpected fees
  • Optimize available capacity by packing more orders in less space
  • Reduce risks of delivery disruptions
  • Apply configurable rules throughout your fulfillment process
  • Increase customer loyalty with reduced waste, damage and returns

How it Works


Diversify your delivery network by connecting to 100’s of carrier services.


Configure and apply rules to optimize carrier selection, packing and delivery.


API and apps to automate fulfillment and shipping execution.


Apply optimization rules to historical data to run “what-if” simulations.

Sendflex parcel TMS optimization makes it easy for you to add a layer of intelligence throughout your existing B2B fulfillment and shipping processes.

Apply Sendflex Optimization Instructions to Orders or Shipping History

Continuous improvement has never been easier. Sendflex lets you run “What-if” analyses by applying optimization instructions against shipping history data. You can then measure the impact of future optimization plans.

  • “Will I save money by adding a drop ship point?”
  • “Will I save money by adding another carton size?”
  • “How will a new carrier routing rule affect delivery?”
  • “What will the impact of new cutoff times be?”



Optimize Carrier Service Selection in Shopping Carts

With a diversified carrier portfolio, you need a way to make intelligent carrier routing decisions. Sendflex lets you configure rules that factor in:


Carrier rates, accessorials, DIMs


Carrier capabilities and performance


Delivery area & location type


SKU size, weight & type (hazmat, etc.)


Carrier pickup times and cutoffs


Carrier daily min/max rules


Annual carrier incentive targets


Customer delivery preferences

Optimize Capacity, Shipping Costs, and Customers’ Sustainability Experience with Cartonization

To make the most of your available carrier capacity and reduce waste, use Sendflex algorithms to determine the most transportation-cost effective way to pack cartons, factoring in:


SKU dimensions, weight & shape


Available carton sizes


Carrier rate and DIM factors


% Fill


SKU fragility rules


Rolling & nesting rules


SKU don't pack with rules


Palletization stacking rules

Optimize Shipping Execution

Sendflex executes optimized final mile plans from an unlimited number of pickup locations, including high speed warehouse environments, stores, and mail centers.


Rate, ship & track parcels & LTL


Rate, ship & track local carriers


Consolidated drop shipping


Int'l & Hazmat compliance


Tracking, alerts and PODs


Automate return processing


WMS, OMS and ERP integration


Weigh in motion, print & apply

Configure Optimization Instructions in Minutes, Not Weeks, or Months

Designed so you don’t have to bring in IT, pay for expensive programming, or endure long project timelines.

Use our simple dropdown menus and wizards to easily create instructions to automate complex decision-making throughout your fulfillment process. Then change when your business needs change.

Sendflex can supercharge your existing shipping systems with new capabilities that will help you compete.

Delivery on phone

"Sendflex is the best system I've found for simplifying final-mile delivery! It's automated, real-time carrier comparison opens up a whole new market of capacity for shippers. With Sendflex, we can now find local carriers in a market we didn't even know existed before! And it's such as easy-to-implement solution with massive impact. It fits right into your regular operating systems & remains a neutral platform (no middlemen/commissions) so you can scale operations easily!"

Parcel TMS optimization that is better for your profit margin
and your customer retention

Smarter Shipping, Made Easy