Ship from Anywhere,
To Anywhere, At Anytime
by Any Carrier

Transtream is an award-winning (FedEx Platinum), multi-carrier shipping platform that has helped thousands of medium to large enterprises control packing, routing, rating, labeling, shipping, returns and tracking of parcel, LTL and local courier shipments. The result? Lower shipping costs, increased efficiency, improved sustainability, and an optimized customer delivery experience.


Sendflex Delivery Optimization

It used to be that “rate shopping” national parcel carriers was enough. Not anymore. With the proliferation of last-mile delivery services, selecting the right carrier service for the right product at the right price is a lot more complex. Sendflex Delivery Optimization service simplifies all that. Last-mile carrier capabilities and limitations, product attributes, quality of service, ETA confidence level, cost, and other configurable instructions ensure a great customer experience every time.

Carrier Network

Get access to one of the most comprehensive carrier networks in the industry across
several modes, hundreds of carriers, and thousands of carrier services.

Parcel Carriers

It always starts with the big three. FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Along with DHL, Canada Post, and other national parcel carriers.

Regional Carriers

Regardless of where you are shipping from or to… you are covered with regional carriers like LSO, OnTrac, Spee-Dee, and more.

Local Carriers

Prefer to ship local? No problem. We provide access to 1-800 Courier, On Time Delivery, PCF, and many other local delivery services.

Gig Carriers

Access some of the latest entries to the parcel delivery market including Uber Connect, Roadie, and other same-day gig economy carriers.

TL and LTL

Handle larger items or larger shipments through freight handlers like YRC, XPO, CEVA, Estes, Old Dominion, and others.

International Ocean and Air

Thinking globally? Ship around the world with WiseTech Global, DHL, TMA Worldwide, Xpress Global, and more.

eCommerce Marketplace Integration

The boom in eCommerce is powered by eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Big Commerce, and online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Seamlessly incorporate parcel delivery into your eCommerce fulfillment by integrating directly with eCommerce platforms and marketplaces to avoid inefficiencies and errors that cost you money and customers.

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Technology Partners

You are always measured by the company you keep. Sendflex partners with some of the top technology providers in the multi-carrier parcel industry, including Pierbridge, Connectship, Pitney Bowes, Banyan Technology, and more.


See What Sendflex Can Do for You

Are you struggling to keep up with the consumer demand for faster, cheaper delivery service options? Is it time for a smart multi-carrier parcel solution?

Whether deployed on premise or accessed from the cloud, our shipping platform apps and APIs support your entire extended enterprise: carrier selection, rating and routing, cartonization, shipping and drop shipping, tracking, and returns.