eBook: 7 Ways Parcel Optimization Simplifies Shipping, Expands Capacity, and Saves Money

The past two years have seen unprecedented eCommerce shipping volumes cripple B2C supply chains leading to higher levels of complexity as shippers diversify their carriers. To help shippers navigate complex final-mile shipping challenges, parcel shipping systems must get a lot smarter in the process.

Final-mile cloud-based TMS optimization technology will make it easier for shippers to manage the complexity of a more diversified carrier network, increase capacity at reduced costs, and keep their delivery promises to customers.

What's Inside:

  • How are shippers coping with diminished carrier capacity and carrier diversification?
  • How final-mile, cloud-based TMS technology will transform B2C eCommerce fulfillment.
  • How a more strategic, collaborative approach to carrier partnerships can be good for shippers, carriers, customers’ delivery and sustainability experience, and the environment.

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