eBook: Retailer's Guide to Turning Shipping into a Competitive Advantage

Retailers are facing stiff competition both from legacy brick-and-mortar companies and online marketplaces. To get ahead and stay ahead of the shop down the block or the eCommerce stores around the world, it is vital for them to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

With the right multi-carrier management platform, retailers can achieve a competitive edge by offering customers more cost-effective shipping and returns options, while improving their sustainability experience.

What you will learn:
- Go omnichannel with ship-from-store, same-day, and drop-ship from supplier delivery
- Meet consumer demand for more sustainable delivery by slowing down shipping, green packing, shorter delivery routes, and alternate pick-up points
- Avoid racking up returns


See What Sendflex Can Do for You

Are you struggling to keep up with the consumer demand for faster, cheaper delivery service options? Is it time for a smart multi-carrier parcel solution?

Whether deployed on premise or accessed from the cloud, our shipping platform apps and APIs support your entire extended enterprise: carrier selection, rating and routing, cartonization, shipping and drop shipping, tracking, and returns.