IT Has Sandboxes, But Where Do Logistics Professionals Play? The Case for Parcel TMS Simulators

To successfully compete in B2C eCommerce, businesses are having to rethink and digitally transform their parcel management processes from point-of-sale store fronts, to order allocation, to fulfillment, to shipping. They need to accurately determine the most cost-effective way of serving their loyal customers who now more closely associate their delivery experience with company brand. This requires a level of intelligence now missing from most parcel management systems.

At a time when B2C fulfillment is becoming increasingly complex, it simply makes sense for logistics professionals to deploy systems to automate intelligent decisions which would otherwise defy human intelligence. They need to test new assumptions quickly and accurately in a riskfree environment, and then translate those insights into actionable planning to realize projected transformation benefits.

What's Inside:

  • How eCommerce has transformed the logistics industry while driving innovation and strategy.
  • Why the transformation of eCommerce fulfillment processes requires more automated, intelligent parcel shipping technology.
  • The rise of parcel orchestration and the three groundbreaking innovations that facilitated its growth.
  • Gaining crucial insights via "digital twins" and the virtually endless possibilities of "what if" simulation modeling.

The Case for Parcel Simulators


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