eBook: The Five Parcel Optimization Value Pillars

Why Controlling Costs, Capacity, Carbon, and Customer Experiences Matters in the B2C Delivery Economy.

Shippers who are used to relying on a primary parcel carrier with unlimited capacity must now manage a broader portfolio of carriers, all with different capabilities, performance records, constraints, and rate structures —including gig-economy and other final-mile carriers. All these factors are making parcel shipping management more complex than ever.

Shippers need freight TMS optimized planning and forecasting at parcel shipping speeds. Parcel TMS platforms represent a new transportation management technology category built to conquer the complexity of today’s B2C shipping environment. Parcel TMSs feature all the elements that allow you to control costs, capacity, carbon, and customer delivery experiences without compromising productivity and speed.

What's Inside:

  • What are the five final mile value pillars, and why they matter in the B2C delivery economy
  • How to apply freight shipping optimization strategies at the speed of parcel shipping
  • Examples of final-mile criteria and instructions that will deliver better control, lower per-shipment costs, overcome carrier capacity constraints, make sustainable shipping sustainable, and improve customer delivery experiences
  • How parcel TMS technology can adapt legacy parcel TMS systems to meet today’s delivery challenges

Let Us Show You What Sendflex Can Do for You

If parcel carrier management is getting too complex for you to handle, Sendflex can help. Our Parcel TMS platform helps you analyze, plan, and automate high volume shipping across a diverse network of carriers. Save money, capacity, and time while optimizing your customers' delivery experience.