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Frequently Asked Questions

No one knows final mile shipping technology like Sendflex. Our team has helped thousands of customers adapt to shipping challenges for many years. And we're eager to learn more about your challenges.

Take a look at what our customers ask us as they look to add more intelligence to their shipping processes:

Q: Isn't this just glorified rate shopping?

A: No. Diversifying your carrier network adds complexity to routing decisions. Rates are just one of many variables and constraints that should be considered when deciding which carrier service to use, when and why. These decisions require machine intelligence that frankly goes way beyond human decision-making capability.

Q: What carriers do you support?

A: We support global, national, regional, and local parcel and LTL carriers.

Q: How does contract compliance work?

A: Sendflex will accumulate the total number of shipments, weight, and cube by user-defined data range. Once you meet the minimum or maximum targets, Sendflex instructions will automatically switch carrier services while still ensuring you don't risk losing incentives or incurring surcharges.

Q: How hard is it to change Sendflex optimization instructions?

A: It's easy. While most legacy shipping systems require scripting language knowledge to make system modifications, a non-programmer can configure Sendflex instruction sets using simple dropdown menus. We empower you to avoid expensive programming and long project timelines.

Q: You claim you can help find more capacity. How do I do that?

A: Two ways: First, we can help you add a more comprehensive array of carriers and match your delivery requirements to specific carrier capabilities, constraints, and preferences. Second, we can apply containerization algorithms to your order data and find the most transportation-cost effective way to pack cartons, build pallets, and load containers. We help "take the air out" of your shipments.

Q: What savings can I expect to realize?

A: Sendflex helps you realize savings in several ways. You will:

  • Expand capacity through carrier diversification and containerization
  • Reduce disruption risk by building a more resilient carrier network
  • Meet customer demand for more delivery choices
  • Improve efficiency with automated decision support
  • Reduce shipping costs by eliminating unexpected fees
  • Reduce corrugated costs by controlling carton decisions
  • Improve customer sustainability experience by reducing waste
  • Reduce damage and returns by controlling packing decisions
  • Reduce system implementation times
  • Save development resources

Q: Do I have to use your shipping execution system, or can I use the one I have?

A: We offer multi-carrier shipping capabilities, but any shipping system can use our APIs or optimization engine to apply instructions to their workflows.

Q: How much does Sendflex cost?

A: Sendflex offers transaction-based pricing. You only pay for what you use.

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