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The Five Final Mile TMS Value Pillars: How new Final Mile TMS platforms help you conquer complexity and control costs, capacity, carbon, and customer delivery experiences

Final mile delivery volumes continue to increase with parcel shipments expected to double by 2026. Meanwhile, carrier rates are rising because of constrained carrier capacity, driver shortages, and higher fuel costs. Consumers are demanding a wider variety of free delivery choices like same-day and over the threshold. In response, shippers and their service and technology partners are implementing omnichannel delivery strategies and diversifying their carrier mix. But these require more extensive planning and decision support throughout the order-to-delivery cycle.

Learn how final mile TMS capabilities will help shippers control costs, maximize capacity utilization, minimize carbon, and delight customers


Tips to Tackling the Next Parcel Shipping Frontier – the Direct-to-Consumer Delivery Experience

Today’s consumers are more demanding with higher delivery expectations. They expect more delivery choices, real-time tracking, and on-time arrival of undamaged orders with the least amount of waste. Returns need to be free and convenient.Shippers need to innovate a whole new generation of capabilities, shifting the focus from shipper automation to optimizing the quality of the direct-to-consumer delivery experience.

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